Our Camo

The pattern for today’s warriors

Modern science and ancient art have joined forces to create Virtus. Unlike other camouflage, Virtus's advantage is directly derived from history. The same armor that protected knights of old, give us the pattern for today 's warriors. Virtus combine a look that mimics the unique scaling of the first armored soldiers, with the superior concealment of traditional camouflage. The real result is a unique design seemingly created by nature for the human form. 

The same overall armor design and theme is used throughout Virtus' family of performance camouflage. For every terrain, the three-color background and foreground scale pattern is combined to prevent isoluminance, minimize detection at distance.

In vulnerable urban environments, concealment is of upmost importance. The blend of gray colors with the scale armor of our Virtus Ekho provides a tactical advantage in populated terrain. Regardless of lighting or elements. Ekho meets the challenge of modern day aware.

Since the battlefield knows no hours, there is Nyx. Limited light sources and nocturnal prey requires undetectable concealment. Utilizing darker colors that blend and hide in dusk to dawn conditions, Nyx is superior coverage when senses are heightened.

A green/tan background  offers a myriad of patterns, plight play and texture to contend with. Tariis mimics earth tones and contrasts to become undetectable in multiple environments and increase range of  engagement.