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Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a SOF veteran owned, small batch, roast to order coffee company. BRCC delivers the finest coffee on the planet to our customers.


Family Owned and American Made - Sorinex makes Strength Training Equipment and Weightlifting Gear for Professional athletes and top tier military operators. Designed for Strength Training.

Altama Boots USA

Altama is a leading provider of Mil-Spec boots for the U.S. Department of Defense. Founded in 1969. For nearly 50 years, Altama has proudly carried the American military through every challenging environment that global conflict has thrown its way.

Level Wings

Passionate pilots have come together to create a range of products that they could not find on the market to date. Our products are built and tested to the highest …


Law Enforcement 

IG's Most Informative Police Page Ran by Two LEOs

Hard to Kill Fitness

Hard to Kill Fitness Online Training specializes in Military Fitness and Mindset

Undone Watches

UNDONE offers high quality customizable mechanical watches UNDONE is the ultimate experience to build a customized watch

Patriot Alliance USA

Patriot Alliance makes patriotic apparel including, patriotic shirts, hats, sweaters, and other items. We believe in giving back to veteran and military groups.

Feed Me Fight Me

Veteran owned and operated coffee and apparel company. Theyoffer a variety of apparel for both women and men. Most importantly...we have a selection of premium Gourmet Coffee.

Human Development Systems

HDS provides box building resources for affiliate and gym owners with tools for development and infrastructure. Build your brand name with professionalism and proven systems designed specifically for your coaches, athletes and staff with a highly successful and educational training environment.

BDS Tactical Gear

BDS Tactical gear is veteran owned and operated. We take great pride in building the world most durable nylon gear. In the USA. BDS tactical backpacks, tactical gear backpacks and military backpacks are 100% Made in USA


ORPAZ was founded in 1990 by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit, after identifying a real and present operational demand from his unit comrades for higher quality weapon-systems than the ones they used during their service.

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