Our Program

The recognition of the sacrifices that you make every day

Veteran Program – Active Duty Program


Virtus Outdoors Group is proud and honored to offer those who serve our country and protect our freedoms an exclusive token of our appreciation. We recognize the sacrifices you make every day, and we would like to guarantee the best quality gear for the men and women on the front line.


  • Active duty service members of the US Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy)
  • Veterans of the US Armed Forces
  • Active duty US Law Enforcement Officers
  • Full-time US Emergency Response Providers


  1. To be admitted into our program, you will need to provide proof of service with one of the above organizations.
  2. You will be entering into an agreement between Virtus Outdoors Group and yourself, the customer.
  3. Membership to this program is by application, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked at the discretion of Virtus Outdoors Group.
  4. The discount may not apply to all Virtus Outdoors Group products.
  5. The discount will be automatically applied to the subtotal (before tax and shipping fee) and is only valid for regular items online. Other restrictions may apply.
  6. Additional coupon codes shall not apply except for Free Shipping promos only.
  7. The buyer shall not sell any Virtus Outdoors Group product for profit.
  8. Purchases made under this program are for personal and individual use only.
  9. By submitting your order, you certify that you have understood and accept the terms and conditions of our program and confirm that you are an eligible person to participate in this program as described above. 

*This program is strictly monitored and we may conduct regular audits to ensure the integrity of our program. If our program guidelines have been breached, your account may be suspended indefinitely. Virtus Outdoors Group reserves the right to deny any discount to anyone who has made what we determine to be excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent discount requests.


*(Verified by Sheer ID)