Tim Scott

Extreme Hunter, Outdoor Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Cofounder Virtus Outdoor Group


Tim was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Growing up on Lake Michigan and being surrounded by the woods of Northern Michigan sparked a life long interest in the outdoors. He began his outdoor passion at the age of 8 being carried into the cedar swamps of Northern Michigan to deer hunt. Archery became his obsession after successfully taking his first whitetail at the age of 10. Since then his passion for the outdoors has taken him to every Canadian providence and 12 US states in pursuit of his hunting and fishing dreams.

From -25 degree Whitetail deer hunts in Saskatchewan to 106 degree Blacktail deer hunts in Northern California, finding the most remote terrain or inaccessible rivers and lakes drives his desire to avoid the easy route and get “off the beaten path”.Seeking out these extreme outdoor adventures brought him to the realization that most of the fabrics and clothing designed for the outdoors weren’t designed to be pushed to the limits. When the clothes on your back or the gear in your pack are the only thing between surviving or perishing, you want the best.

Tim moved to Knoxville, Tn in 1981 and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1992 with a degree in Economics. Since then he has successfully built several businesses and immersed himself in humanitarian work in China, India and Pakistan. He still lives in Knoxville, with the only thing that he’s more passionate about than the outdoors, his wife and four daughters.

Destiny put Tim and David together in Asia, but their shared pursuit of the best fabrics, gear and camo brought them to the same conclusion, “we can do it better”. With David’s military expertise, sourcing experience, extreme work ethic and innate business sense and Tim’s background in business and passion for extreme outdoors the development began.

His love for God, family and the US Armed Forces drives him to help David deliver to you the best, fabrics, gear and camo that this planet has to offer. Virtus Outdoor Group meets that need.